What I Would Give For Thee

Oh, my love, what I would give for thee;
My life, ’tis said: but then I would be dead
And you would have to find another
To love you instead.
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‘FIFA’s Dark Side’ – My First Newspaper Article

It seems to be a week for firsts over here, and published in the 11th of February issue of Nouse, a student paper at my university, you can read my very first newspaper article. Ooh, interesting.

Very intriguing cartoon commissioned for this one!

Very intriguing cartoon commissioned for this one!

Unleash the Newspapery Goodness

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‘Two Little Boys’ – My First Short Screenplay

A quick note on screenplay notation: INT = interior, EXT = exterior, V.O. = voiceover, O.S. = off-screen


Small, cosy living room with classic décor. Two brothers, MATTHEW, 9, and ANTHONY, 7, sit on the CARPET by the lit FIREPLACE. Next to the fireplace there is an old CHAIR. They are playing with TOY TRAINS. The adjacent kitchen is visible through a doorway where MOTHER and FATHER can be seen moving about as they prepare dinner. Their idle chatter is heard but unintelligible.

Anthony has made a tiny working circuit of railway. He watches the train go round.

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I suppose if someone were to ask my philosophical inclinations, the best I could do would be to explain that I am that rare breed: a nihilist who does not smoke.

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Apathetic Thought

It can be so easy to allow nihilism to deteriorate into apathy. Fight the scourge!

Why? Well, why not?

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Shiny New Site!

Here’s a tasty new site I’ve started with my brother, focussing mainly on the game League of Legends. It’s light-hearted, it’s fun, it’s a Summoner’s top stop for all kinds of goodies.

And to my despairing followers, cry no more; I’ll still be here, and my posting hiatus will soon come to an end. I know you’re all positively squealing to find out about my top five.

Top 10 ‘Fun’ Games (Part 1/2)

This is a personal list I created just for the sake of it, and it was much harder and more fun than you’d think. Feel free to comment (or link to) your own top 10 in the ‘Reply’ box. Here’s the criteria:

1. Games are judged solely on their entertainment value. Forget fancy mechanics and graphics – if it’s fun, it’s in.

2. Choose the games that have given you the most enjoyment regardless of whether you would still enjoy them so much now, because you’ve completed the story 12984 times or the last time you played it your dad’s dance moves were still cool. Especially applicable for great games with little replay value such as Portal.

3. No game is too old; no console too crappy; no title too embarrassing. Nokia’s gem Snake and a bunch of arcade games almost made it to my top 10.

I ended up with a 75+ game shortlist, but here is my attempt at whittling it down to 10:

Show me dem games

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The Mine

I’m classing this as, to date, my only work of fan-fiction – although I wrote it about a year ago, under timed conditions. For an English mock exam. Whilst being caned. And fighting robots.

The question was to continue the story: “There was rustling, a faint groaning in the distance, an icy air all around…” bringing out a sense of tension and the unknown. I had about an hour. Of course, the first thing I thought of was the beginning of the horror game Penumbra: Overture. Feel free to watch a minute-long clip of me playing part of the game here (WARNING: Includes Bloody Strong Language and Embarrassingly Weak Resolve).

There was rustling, a faint groaning in the distance, an icy air all around, and, filling my ears like a rush of blood, the pounding howl of the wind. Continue Reading

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Is Media Losing its Value?

Does the evolution of the market mean that great games, marvellous music and fantastic films hold less value as we reach a point of “monotonous perfection”?

A good friend of mine, Val Kulemin (Blogger, Lord Fundumpling) recently wrote an exceptionally interesting article pointing out the continuous rise in the quality of all forms of entertainment – books, films and video games – which the public has experienced over the past century or so. He called this ‘Quality Supersaturation’, and questioned whether it would lead to the inescapably high quality of future media to be negligible in an overly competitive market. To quote:

“I fear for the future of all media because it’s all becoming too good and soon we’ll stop appreciating it.”

Val Kulemin, Lord Fundumpling

That picture looks far too girly to constitute a good argument.

That picture looks far too girly to constitute a good argument.

Mr Kulemin’s point (Yes, I just referred to you as ‘Mr Kulemin’. Inflate dat ego) was that media has begun specializing in all fields of interest at no loss of quality, so that truly magnificent art cannot really be appreciated “when everything else is just as excellent”.

Let’s face it – the man makes a point.

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